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Care Guidelines

All baked goods are recommended to be enjoyed the same day as your pickup/delivery date.

1. Handling

With clean and dry hands, always hold the cake and/or the cake box from the bottom and not the sides. Keep it leveled and straight.

2. Transporting

Take care ahead of time in preparing your vehicle for transportation. Place your order on a flat surface, preferably the floor of your car. Seats are not recommended due to the angle. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight. If it is warm outside, please turn on your AC. Drive carefully and slowly, being mindful of turns, stops, and bumps.

3. Storage

If you do not plan to enjoy your cake within the next couple of hours, place your order in the fridge and away from strong odours. If you have leftovers, wrap it tightly to seal out air. Enjoy within the next day. For cupcakes, keep in a cool place until ready to serve.

4. Serving

It's almost delicious time! But first...since your order was refrigerated to prepare for its transportation, your cake is cold and will need some time to come close to room temperature, which is when it is best enjoyed at. Take your cake out (package in tact) at least one hour to two hours (away from direct heat and sunlight) before serving. When ready, slice using a hot knife. For cupcakes, you can serve immediately. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me

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