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The Nancy Bakes creates custom cakes and cupcakes, signature cakes, wedding cakes and seasonal specials throughout the year including treat boxes and mini egg cookies and cakes. For any seasonal items, keep your eyes on Instagram and Facebook for updates or subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page to be in the know first!
We appreciate you providing room for creativity to incorporate our unique style when bringing your custom cake to life. We specialize in abstract buttercream designs and will opt out of designs that are fondant-heavy or designs that may not fit within our style portfolio. 
  • freedom cake (provide a theme or mood and the cake artist will have complete artistic freedom on design)
  • semi-freedom (cakestomer provides theme, colour preference, and an inspiration photo(s))
  • fully customized cake (design guided by client)
  • regular 6" (serves 12-18) 
  • large 8" (serves 20-30)
  • two-tier (serves 35-45)
  • mini two-tier (serves 20-24)
  • please inquire on the order form for a multi-tier cake or sizes larger than 8"
  • list is provided upon order inquiry
As every cake is custom, the price will vary. The price of your cake factors in the design, flavour, and technical and creative complexity of the cake. Your cake combines quality ingredients and years of experience. A 6" cake will begin at $130. 
The Nancy Bakes has created designs in the past that have been well-loved. We've brought back some of these so you can enjoy them too. Plus with the convenience of having a pre-designed cake you won't have to worry about all the details, we got you! Select among the trend-setting bubble tea cake to a gender reveal, all the way to a classic "dressed in white" cake.
Signature cakes and cupcakes are limited to customization. To the exception of customizing a special message or swapping out the colour, signature cakes and cupcakes are as-is. For most designs, you can most definitely choose your flavour!
For more information, view the gallery here.
  • classic swirl
  • customized design 
  • regular size cupcakes by the dozen (12)
  • list is provided upon order inquiry. One flavour per dozen. Vegan cupcakes (vanilla or chocolate) are available upon request at an extra fee. 
  • Cupcakes start at $50 before customization and flavour chosen
Seasonal treat boxes for pre-order. Look out on social media for announcements or send an email to inquire for large orders (10+). 
The Nancy Bakes Edmonton cupcakes
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